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01|10 – 02|10|2016

Curator Hamburg: FILTER Hamburg / Kerstin Niemann

Curators and organizational team Netherlands: Jeroen Vrijsen, Aagje Linssen

Nora Axnick (D)

Zoë d’Hont (NL)

Sjoerd van Lankveld (NL)

Robin Meyer (NL)

Emmanuelle Quertain (B)

Anne Vanoutryve (B)

Katja Windau (D)

Grenswerk 2016 is a successive traveling and exchange project at three different locations. The starting point of the exchange project with nine artists is a former military border barrack in Tripkau close to the Elbe river. The artists from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands live and work together for two weeks in the artist residency Tripkau-kazerne at the former inner-German border.


Subsequent to the two week working period the artists travel together to Hamburg. At Gallery Bridget Stern they exhibit their first results and ideas of their residency period from the 1st until the 2nd of October. Invited cultural producers from Hamburg provide a feedback to the participating artists in a fingerfood gathering. Short artist introductions as well as performances end the exhibition on the 2nd of October.


The final Grenswerk 2016 presentation takes place in Eindhoven. At the end of year the artists get together for a twin exhibition at Artspace Flipside and the Van Abbehuis.

Grenswerk 2016 B / D / NL is an exchange as well as collaboration project with Artspace Flipside, FAKTOR Hamburg Künstlerhaus, FILTER Hamburg, Tripkau Kaserne and Van Abbehuis.

With friendly support by


Artspace Flipside

FAKTOR Hamburg Künstlerhaus

FILTER Hamburg

Kulturbehörde der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg

Kunstinitiatief Van Abbehuis


Stichting Complete Media 2

und/ and the Artists

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